what I gotta do to please you bastards i’m a 21 year old (still living at home) just living life as you did (watching netflix) when u where twenty but in extraordinary circumstances (working at a bakery)

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omg my boss knows someone who knows people who might get us an apartment in nyc i am crying

(if they could get it b4 twin peaks that’d be gr8)


"millions of flower petals erupt from a volcano, covering an entire village"

how on earth

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GQ’s 21 Albums from the 21st Century Every Man Should Hear »> #17: Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend


ultimate master post of interior spaces


Artist Vik Muniz uses thousands of torn scraps of paper to recreate classical, 19th-century paintings from the likes of Van Gogh, Manet, and Degas.

i will not be drinking vodka at the twin peaks show bc vodka makes me do things i REALLY regret

also, maybe i should wear a straitjacket 

it me



i just took a look at the amount of loans i’ll be taking out and i’m crying oh my god why is school so expensive why do i go to a private university i am the absolute worst

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i’m lucky to have such great friends and I’d be even luckier if I won a few million dollars so I could afford a nice ass place in manhattan


*do i wanna know plays in background* *starts stripping*